Non Slip treatment for floors and tubs to increase friction and prevent slips and falls.

Consider the Facts:
With so many accidents, the Department of Labor and the National Safety Council have provided us with some facts to consider:

  1. Slip-and-fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental deaths. (Automobile accidents are number one.)
  2. Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants, and public buildings.
  3. Each year, more than nine million slip-and-fall accidents occur.
  4. Every day, approximately 25,000 people are hospitalized as a result of slip-and-fall accidents.  Slip/fall injuries are the cause of five deaths every day.

A walking surface, where this product is applied, is safer even when it is wet than the one that is dry but hasn’t been treated with the solution.

This treatment has been analyzed as per the industry standards set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.) . Adhering to the provisions laid down by A.S.T.M. Procedures C-1028-1894, a safe walkway passage is created by Mighty Safe Floors on surfaces of glazed or quarry tiles, both in dry and wet conditions. 

Our users report that the friction co-efficient increases between 200% to 400%.

Cost Efficient
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has documented that 30% of all work place accidents are slip/fall accidents and 65% of all "people-days" lost are due to slip/fall accidents.

  • Don't wait for trouble to have your tub or floor treated because no one has slipped yet. That is equivalent to driving a car with faulty brakes because you haven't had an accident yet.

  • It costs very little to have a 90% - 100% reduction in slip/fall accidents. SURE STEP is inexpensive and highly effective.

  • SURE STEP Non-Slip represents a capital investment that results in fewer accidents and claims.
What is the Sure-Step Non-Slip Advantage?
  • A long lasting treatment which creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs.
  • Surfaces gain 200 to 400 percent increase in coefficient of friction when subjected to water.
  • Will not change the appearance of your floor or bathtub.
  • No shut-down time required. Use the floor or tub immediately following treatment.
Accepted Industry Standards
"A static anti-slip coefficient of friction of .50 or above is considered a safe walkway surface with a dry condition. A reading below .50 is considered an unsafe walkway surface."

Coefficient of Friction
.60 - Very Safe
.50 - .59 - Relatively Safe
.40 - .49 - Dangerous
.35 - .39 - Very Dangerous
.00 - .34 - Unusually Dangerous

Mighty Safe Floors is the solution for your business & home.
Eliminating serious injuries and reducing the risk of sky-rocketing insurance claims, Workman’s Comp cases, and costly litigation, Mighty Safe Floors is the obvious choice. Business owners, building managers and owners need not worry about slip-and-fall injuries and associated litigation, because Mighty Safe Floors offers a safe and affordable Non Slip Solution.
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Non Slip floor and tub treatment