Non Slip treatment for floors and tubs to increase friction and prevent slips and falls.

We fix your SLIPPERY floor and tub problems quick.
The secret is in the solution!

Proven to work for your business and home.

Proven to work for your business and home.

What You Can Expect
Guaranteed Results
Surface that has been treated with our process is assured to have an increased friction coefficient that is expected to last. Our company provides you with a written assurance of the same.
Surface Friendly
The surface friendly formula doesn’t cause discoloration, chipping or peeling of the floor or bathtub. In fact the side benefit is that you will often see a marked improvement in your floor appearance.
Convenience with Excellent Customer Service
We can work around your business and home schedule to treat your floors and bathtubs/showers for your customers and family.   
Cost Efficient
It costs very little to have a 90% - 100% reduction in slip/fall accidents. SURE STEP is inexpensive and highly effective.

SURE STEP Non-Slip represents a capital investment that results in fewer accidents and claims.   Your investment is tax deductible -ask your accountant.
About Us
We are a service distributor for Sure Step, providing you with the safety solution you need for your floors, tubs and showers. 

We are in the business of saving lives one step at a time.  The risk of slips and falls is preventable.  We embarked in the business because we know what it's like to have a loved one fall, a customer slip or an employee on worker's comp from a mishap.  The after effects can be serious injury, death or lawsuits.  

We can help give you peace of mind.

FREE Demonstration
See for yourself.
We apply a treatment that interacts with the aggregates in your floor, creating an invisible tread that prevents slipping, especially when wet. 
We care about your customers and friends like you do.
Our 15 minute DEMO will be well worth your time, we promise!
Non Slip floor and tub treatment